Escape Room Birthday Party

Looking for a better birthday party idea this year?

An escape room birthday party is not your normal party. Our highly rated escape rooms provide an immersive, fun and exciting party that everyone will be raving about!

Your guests will be the stars in their own escape adventure!

Your party will be “locked” away in an immersive room and will have to cooperate to solve through exciting situations and puzzles to escape.

Excitement will be had and memories will be made!

Will this be age appropriate?

Groups of all ages have been able to figure out the way through our escape rooms.

Your guests will have the clues right at their finger tips with our exclusive touch screen clue system designed for Omega Escape Room Rochester.

Even if you get stuck for too long, we have an intercom system in the room which will connect you directly to a Game Master.

Do you provide food?

We do not sell food directly at the location but are located only minutes away from tons of great Rochester restaurants!

We also have a large lobby where you can bring food and drinks in if you would prefer.

Don’t have a normal party this year, book an escape room birthday party!