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We’ve combined 4 of the most popular escape room themes into one crazy, busy experience. And it gets crazier: we built two copies of it! That’s right, now you can challenge your friends, family and co-workers to a head-to-head battle to escape first!

Book for at least 8 players for the head-to-head experience, or book with 10 or fewer players to test your skills as one team!

This room utilizes an all-new points system, based on the time spent in the room and amount of clues you use, as a tie breaker, if necessary. Keep in mind that this room has a LOT to do—small groups and newbies beware!!

  • Players: 4-20

  • Head-to-head competition

  • 60 Minutes

Difficulty: Experts & Big Groups

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐  Was amazing, the room was super immersive, and the design was awesome… overall one of the best escape rooms I’ve been to.


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ This place is great! My friends and I took on the Fallout Shelter and it truly felt like we were underground!

Jessie S.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Awesome escape room! The rooms are all so unique and you truly get involved in the theme. Great game masters that are enthusiastic about being there

Carly D.

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Was a great experience! We had 8 people in our group and everyone had a lot of fun.

Ben S.
Fallout Escape Room Rochester Logo
Fallout Escape Room Rochester Logo

Your group has been tasked with preventing World War 3… no big deal, you got this! You’ll have to comb through the secret bunker of a scientist from long ago, to find the notes on his research to stop the war. No pressure, it’s only the future of humanity at stake!

Enjoy the classic soundtrack and vintage atmosphere as your group makes your way through the Fallout Shelter, and encounters a wealth of cool and kooky artifacts along the way.

  • Players: 3-10

  • Ideal introduction to Omega Escape Rooms!

  • 60 Minutes

Difficulty: Novice/Normal

What to expect at Omega Escape Room:

  • Complex, Highly-Rated Escape Rooms

  • Friendly staff to help you have the best experience possible

  • Unique, interactive puzzles

All Rooms Are Private To Your Group Only!

Same day reservations are limited, book at least 4 hours in advance to guarantee a spot.

Game of Clans Escape Room Logo
Game of Clans Escape Room Logo

Your clan has come to the castle of a rival clan to celebrate a wedding that will finally bring peace to the warring sides. But is the rival chief to be trusted? It’s up to you and your party to thwart a devious plot of slaughter and destruction! Will you escape in time to save your clan?

  • Players: 4-10

  • Medieval/High Fantasy Immersion

  • 60 Minutes

Difficulty: Medium

How often do groups Escape?

Fallout Shelter

Game of Clans

Billy’s Nightmare


Billy's Nightmare Escape Room Logo
Billy's Nightmare Escape Room Logo

Thirteen year old Billy has opened a portal into another dimension and been sucked in! Gather your party to unravel the puzzles and codes he’s left behind as you try to rescue him. You’ll start in Billy’s bedroom, where strange things are afoot! As dimensions collide and Billy cries out for help, who knows where your journey will end? NOTE: This room is not recommended for children!

  • Players: 4-10

  • Unique Theme & High-Tech Puzzles

  • 60 Minutes

Difficulty: Hard/Advanced

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